What is a Moonshot Asset?

The term Moonshot has been around for a long while. It harks back to the space race and the original NASA Moon Missions, where the hugely ambitious goal of reaching the Moon could have been termed a “Moonshot”.

These days, Google tend to reserve the term “Moonshot Thinking” for their bigger, more ambitious research and development projects. The lofty ideas which might be hidden behind closed doors. The long-term hopes and dreams we nurture for future success!

To us, a Moonshot Asset is any digital asset, which might help you launch and succeed with that great idea! A highly relevant domain name which sums up your mission – that’s what we’re providing here.

Who are we?

We are a Domain Name brokerage. We buy and sell high value web domains in key emerging and niche markets.

Typically, we will either broker and sell domains on behalf of a client, or buy and re-sell existing domains direct from our own asset portfolio.

What areas do we specialise in?

We prefer to specialise in what we know. Right now, we tend to specialise in a handful of niche and growth areas, including: Sports, Gaming, Cryptocurrencies, and Brand Marketing.

Why are these domains available?

The current domain owners might be actively working on a new website concept or idea to use the domain name with.

Or, they may have purchased the domains at some point in the past with a view to developing it and creating some cool new place on the web with it. But maybe they never quite got there.

Or, they (like you!) might have simply realised that these domains would have some value in the future. So they decided to purchase them as an investment.

Either way, these domains aren’t out of reach and they are open to approach and offers to buy!

The Hidden Moonshots

We like to keep some of our cards close to our chest.

We have a growing portfolio of exclusive domains which we don’t actively publicise.

These are the real future-gazing Moonshots.

They tend to be of high commercial value in growing niche or emerging markets. In many cases we have been holding onto these particular assets for quite some time.

As market trends change, we reach out to select individuals and businesses that we think might be a good fit. The kind of established or startup businesses who might be looking to move into these areas and for whom such a Moonshot Domain would be a great asset and springboard for their future growth!

If you think that’s you, and you’d like to enquire about our “Top shelf Moonshots”, then please feel free to get in touch below.

The right price for you,
whoever you are

We like to keep it simple…

We also like to help enable individuals and businesses to launch their new ventures onto great success with just the right Domain names.

Our Domains don’t cost the Earth. We don’t do Astronomical, we do Grounded – with a hint of Stargazing and Moonshot Thinking!

TELESCOPE (Entry Level)
Typically £500
Range £100-750
Explorer (Mid Range)
Typically £1,000
Range £750-£5,000
Rocket Ship (High Value)
Typically £10,000
Range £5,000-£20,000
Moon (Unicorn Status)
How to Buy from Us

All of our Domains are listed on Sedo.com – the World’s Leading Domain Marketplace.

When you visit one of our Domain Names, you will find a link to click through to the Sedo listing page which will detail the price and how to purchase.

Sedo is a neutral marketplace with over 19 years of experience, and 2 million customers from more than 150 countries.

Purchasing a Domain Name through Sedo.com is fast, safe and secure.

You can conveniently pay by PayPal, Credit / Debit Card, or Bank Transfer.

Sedo offers a neutral account (Escrow Service) for payment procedures to ensure secure handling of the transaction between both yourself and us.

Why Buy from Us
  • Brilliant Domain Names, all exclusively from the .com TLD
  • Great Customer Service
  • No nonsense – quick and easy to deal with
  • Great, fair prices
  • Secure payment options
  • Secure payment and transfer through trusted Escrow Service (Sedo.com)
  • Huge range of fantastic domain names for niche and growing markets
  • Domain Bundles on request – to help boost your online footprint, marketing and Domain Authority.